Bishop Oyedepo


Whatsoever has kept you in the Egypt of frustration and stagnation, God will rise up on your behalf and execute vengeance upon them!

Every agent of the devil bewitching your destiny, today marks their end in Jesus’ name!

Every gang up of evil gathered against your family, children, career and health, today I decree them crushed in the mighty name of Jesus!

Every planting of evil tormenting your life, I decree instant judgement and your speedy recovery in the name of Jesus!

Everything sitting on your glorious destiny is unseated right now in the name of Jesus!

For every giver, every financial tension is turned to financial testimonies!

No force of hell will be able to resist your advancement anymore in the name of Jesus!

Concerning anything that you may have lost to the wickedness of the wicked, I decree complete restoration in the name of Jesus!

From today, every issue of pity around you is turned to a testimony of envy!
It is declared your week of testimonies!

Know this: Any judgement you declared on your enemies today, God shall bring to pass speedily!


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