Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens, ( Tuesday, January 24th, 2017)

Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens, ( Tuesday, January 24th, 2017) – 


1.Thank you Father, for the blood of the lamb of God, that was shed on the cross and His flesh, that was broken for us.

2.Thank you Father, for instituting the Holy Communion, for your remembrance, for our healing and for our overall success in this world and in the next.

3.Father, in anyway, l have fallen short of your glory, have mercy and forgive me.

4.Father, in anyway, l have taken the Holy communion unworthily, in the past, please, forgive me.

5.Father, give me the grace to always, examine myself and help me to repent and seek forgiveness, for any sin, the Holy Spirit may bring to my mind.

6.Father, help me not to hide my sins, but to willingly confess and forsake them, that l may prosper.

7.Father, cleanse me from all unrighteousness, by the blood of Jesus.

8.Father, let the source and roots of sin in my life be uprooted, in Jesus’ name.

9.Father, let every sickness in my life and body, as a result of any sin that l have committed, knowingly or unknowingly, be healed, in Jesus’ name.

10.Father, reveal to me the sources and solutions to all the problems and challenges, in my life, in Jesus’ name.

11.Father, have mercy on all my unsaved family members; save them and heal all of their sicknesses.

12.Your Personal Petitions. (Phil 4:6)

13.In Jesus’ name I pray.(John 15:16)

14.Thank you Father for answered prayers. (1 Thes 5:18).


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