Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens, (Sunday, January 22nd, 2017) 

Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens, ( Sunday, January 22nd, 2017) 


1. l worship and acknowledge you my Father, as the Alpha and the Omega; and, the creator of heaven and earth.

2.Thank you Father, because, you are not slack concerning your promises, as some regard slackness, but only long suffering towards us, not willing that any should perish, but come to repentance.

3.Father, in anyway, l have fallen short of your glory, have mercy and forgive me.

4.Father, in anyway l have given, and still giving, the glory due to you, to man, or to an idol, please, have mercy and forgive me.

5.Father, give me the grace to repent from my evil ways and turn to you, before, it becomes too late for me to do so.

6.Father, please, forgive every negative word, that l have uttered, against you, as a result of my lack of faith and understanding, of your ways.

7.Father, help me to trust and rely absolutely on you alone, for my needs; please, do not allow me to lean on my own understanding.

8.Father, please, do not allow my personal relationship with you to be sacrificed, on the altar of pursuits of material things.

9.Father, as many, who are still walking the fool’s path, saying, that, you do not exist, show them in your own special way, that, you do not only exist, but you are the one who rules, in the affairs of men. 

10.Father, please, help to create time to serve and obey you, in righteousness.

11.Father, arise, remove and destroy, every veil covering the eyes of men from recognising and knowing you, as God.

12.Your Personal Petitions. (Phil 4:6)

13.In Jesus’ name I pray.(John 15:16)

14.Thank you Father for answered prayers. (1 Thes 5:18).

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