Ghana is in crisis; – Kufuor

 Former President John Kufuor Ghana is currently in crisis and requires leaders with the understanding of the global world to fix it, former president John Kufuor has said.
According to Mr. Kufuor, Ghana appeared to be doing well in the recent past but has slumped into the economic abyss due to the lack of proper management.

“Our country is in crisis now. We seem to be losing our way. We started off with so much promise but within a short time, we started faltering economically.

“When we talk leadership, we need leadership that understands the world. We don’t want saints to be our leaders, everything should be on balance,” Mr Kufuor told a gathering in Accra when he addressed the Prempeh Colleges’ Pearson Osae Lectures.

He continued: “We are also governed by a constitution. We must try to keep within the constitution as much as possible. If we should deviate, we shouldn’t be sentimental at all, we should try to enforce the law, nobody is above the law”.

Mr Kufuor was the second president under the 4th republic who ruled Ghana for eight years. He is the first leader from the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition to have ascended the presidency under the 4th republic.


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