George Williams is dead at age 86

George Williams, popularly known as Uncle George, died Monday morning, a close family member has confirmed.

A grandson of the popular actor confirmed Uncle Williams’ death amid tears. His death comes only days after the passing of Highlife musician, Daasebre Gyamenah, which shocked many Ghanaians.

George Williams featured in many Ghanaians movies and series including Ultimate Paradise, Dogo Yaro, Mama, Genesis Chapter X, Bloody Kids, and more.

In a radio interview in May 2016, Uncle Williams expressed disatisfaction with the current state of Ghanaian movies, and even said he hadn’t watched any Ghanaian movies in years.

“I’m afraid over the past few years I haven’t watched any Ghanaian movie because of some personal reasons…but I watch Mexican soaps and some few others and I feel very sad when it comes to our own domain to see what pertains there and I feel very sad about it…the standards need to be met… actually I don’t watch Ghanaian movies,” Uncle George said.

Meanwhile, George Williams’ death follows a prophesy by Prophet Kobi, who said many celebrities will die after Daasebre.


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