9 NINE people die at Salah party in stampede Ghana


Nine people have reportedly died as a result of a stampede at the Asawase Community Center in the Kumasi Metropolis during the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr Wednesday night.

Three of the victims are female while the six are male.
six other people sustained injuries and were rushed to the Manhyia Government Hospital for treatment.

After the Eid ul-Fitr prayer in the community on Wednesday, the youth organized a music jam to entertain themselves at the Community Center.

eye witness explained that in the course of the celebration, the programme stopped suddenly so the crowd decided to rush out of the venue.

In the course of rushing out, some people fell, leading to the death of the nine people.

Survivors say the gate of the Center is too small and so could not contain the number of people passing through at the time of the stampede.

He said the heatwave kill many.

“You could not shout because people stepped on you and others were biting as a result of the frustration.”
He said he had to be dragged out by an unknown person.

The injured are currently receiving treatment at the Manhyia Government Hospital.


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