Starr FM Announced to holds forum to track progress since June 3 Twin Disasters

On June 3, Ghana will mark the anniversary of an unprecedented catastrophe. The fire and flood disasters last year killed over 150 people.

The mishap revived national consciousness on the need to boldly deal with the unplanned and reckless urban development in parts of Accra, which leave the city exposed. After the flood it was agreed that drastic action be taken.

• Equipment was speedily deployed to dredge the Odaw River and Korle Lagoon
• Houses on waterways were flattened
• Fuel Stations were routinely inspected for fire safety
• A 5-Member Committee probed the disaster and indicted culpable persons.

These actions, combine with numerous other proposals made by Authorities and Town Planners intended to minimize the exposure of Accra to floods, improve urban development and enhance public safety in times of catastrophe.

One year on, Starr 103.5 FM is offering its radio platform to Authorities, Experts, Organized Groups, Survivors and the Public to discuss how much progress has been done one year after the June 3 twin calamities.

Already, the Ghana National Fire Service, Department of Urban Roads, NADMO, Bureau of Public Safety, AMA and other institutions have signed up to share knowledge on this pressing matter.

The Forum, which will be moderated by Starr FM’s Bernard Naasara Saibu, comes off on Wednesday, June 1 2016, at the frontage of First African House, directly opposite the burnt Goil Filling Station-Circle at 5pm. This event will be live on radio and


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